Paisley’s resignation leaves dangerous vacuum in Executive that DUP must address

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has stated that a dangerous vacuum now exists in the Executive, because Ian Paisley has announced plans to resign but will still be in power until May at least. Mr Lunn said that the political vacuum could lead to instability and that the DUP are playing a very risky game by allowing a lame duck First Minister to continue to run the Executive for this length of time.

Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn said: “Paisley’s announcement has left a dangerous vacuum in the Executive. He is a lame duck First Minister and the Executive will be left totally directionless for a long time until a successor is put in place.

“This is a very high risk strategy from the DUP and I hope that this power vacuum will not destabilise the Executive.

“The DUP have a lot of work to do to show that this administration is built on solid foundations. They must also prove that they can deliver for local people, because this Executive’s record so far has been very poor.

“There is much uncertainty at the head of the Executive now, and the DUP needs to address this problem quickly before it becomes a crisis.”


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