Long says Poots has scored own goal by stalling on giving IFA promised cash

Alliance Sports Spokesperson Michael Long has demanded that Culture Arts and Leisure Minister Edwin Poots provide the £4.2 million funding promised to the Irish Football Association now, following the changes they recently voted on. The IFA recently fulfilled the final condition of the funding by reducing their Executive from 18 members to 11, but Mr Poots has not even provided a date for the delivery of the much-needed funding.

Alliance Party Chair Michael Long said: “The IFA have done there bit. They deserve the promised £4.2 million funding now. I cannot see why Mr Poots would seek to delay providing this cash any longer.

“This Executive specialises in delay, as opposed to delivery. Is this going to turn into another sorry delay saga, this time to the detriment of local football?

“We need action from the Minister to provide this cash now, not soundbites and stalling tactics. The minister has scored an own goal by failing to give the IFA this cash quickly.

“Local football fans will want to give him the red card for his failure on this issue.

“Our local football teams are struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis. They need this cash boost urgently. If Northern Ireland is to have a strong football team, then we need a strong local league. The IFA took the necessary steps on 21 February but still the Minister has not yet provided a date for the provision of this funding. I am demanding that he provides this cash now or else his credibility will be damaged.”


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