OTR process must have community confidence

Responding to press reports that the Government still intends to address the issue of so-called ‘On the Runs’, Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has stressed that the matter must be handled in a manner that is acceptable to the wider community.

“Alliance recognises that so-called ‘On the Runs’ are an outstanding issue within the peace process. However, it is critical that this matter is addressed in a manner that is acceptable to the wider community. At the very least, an open, transparent and accountable mechanism must be used.

“For Alliance, any mechanism must have at least three elements.

“First, there must be a link to the issue of the ‘exiles’. It would be perverse if paramilitary fugitives were allowed to return home, while those exiled by the benefiting organisations cannot.

“Second, within any special judicial process to handle the matter, there must be a requirement for the OTR to appear in person, not merely be represented by proxy. They must face up to their actions.

“Third, exiles must be placed on licence. The same regime that applied to early-release prisoners must be put in place.

“It is crucial that the Government clarifies its position on this urgently”


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