Alliance Leader slams attack on house in Antrim

Alliance Leader David Ford has hit out at the perpetrators of an attack on a house in Antrim town last night. A firework was put through the letterbox of a house in the Tobergill Gardens area of the town at around 10pm last night. The residents of the house are understood to be Polish, and Police are investigating whether the attack was racially motivated.

South Antrim MLA, David Ford stated: “”I strongly condemn this abhorrent attack on a house in Antrim town.

“Clearly the situation in the Steeple and Parkhall area is very worrying, following a number of attacks in recent months on ordinary hard-working families.

“Its important that the people of Antrim continue to give their support to the police and other groups working to promote racial harmony in the town, and I commend those neighbours who have supported our new citizens during times of difficulty.

“The police are currently looking into a motive for the attack, and I call upon anyone with information to contact police immediately.”


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