Orkambi drug is a life changer – Coade

Alliance representative Jackie Coade has welcomed news that the Orkambi drug to treat cystic fibrosis will be available in Northern Ireland.

Jackie Coade said: “The news that Orkambi will be available in Northern Ireland can potentially change the lives of hundreds of families.

“With my Alliance colleague Paula Bradshaw MLA I have campaigned hard to have Orkambi available and am delighted the Department of Health has now agreed. This drug may not be suitable for everyone with cystic fibrosis, but will offer a lifeline to many.

“Across Northern Ireland many families will be delighted with this great news and I would thank the officials in the Department of Health for making this happen.

“While Orkambi will be available in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland, the fight for these precious drugs is not over until the Welsh government give access to CF patients in Wales, so until then, the campaign continues.”