Alliance best placed to unite Remain voices in General Election, says Long

Alliance is best placed to unite Remain voices from across Northern Ireland in the impending General Election, Party Leader Naomi Long MEP has said.

Mrs Long was speaking as MPs voted for a poll on December 12. While the Bill still needs approval from the House of Lords, it is expected to become law in the near future.

“This election will be mainly focused around Brexit and Alliance has always been clear there is no such thing as a good or sensible Brexit,” she said.

“Therefore it will be an opportunity for people to have their say and elect MPs who want to avoid a hard border, protect the Good Friday Agreement and attend Westminster to represent their interests. We are uniquely placed to do that, as the Alliance surge seen in May’s local government and European Elections showed the party could reach across all sections of our community and gain support from everywhere.

“We have been preparing for an election for some time, as it is clear this Parliament is hopelessly divided and the Government has no legitimacy. Northern Ireland voted to Remain. If people vote for Alliance candidates, we can increase the representation of progressive, pro-Remain MPs and articulate that voice loudly at Westminster.”