Orange Order living in ‘twilight world’: Campbell

The Alliance party has hit out over claims by the Orange Order that there was no evidence that Orangemen were involved in weekend rioting and that it was ‘blameless’.

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor, Tom Campbell, said, “The Orange Order is apparently living in a twilight world. It sees no evil on the part of its members despite clear and overwhelming evidence from the police and from video evidence to the contrary. Orange Order members have been seen with and without collarettes attacking police officers with ceremonial regalia and with missiles. The evidence was as plain as an Orange Order pikestaff and yet the Order continues this bizarre attempt to blame others.

“Far from being ‘blameless’ for the rioting and unrest, it was the Order that called the genie out of the bottle. People have been appalled by the attitude of a body which would like to see itself as a responsible organisation. Having brought people out onto the streets it still refuses properly and unequivocally condemn what went on in its name and to accept its responsibility.”


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