Farry condemns Bangor rioting

Bangor Alliance Councillor, Stephen Farry, has condemned the hijacking of a bus in Bangor, and rioting in Conlig and Whitehill on Sunday evening on the back of the disputed parade in Whiterock.

Stephen Farry stated:

“All law-abiding people in North Down will be appalled with the events in Bangor and Conlig on Sunday evening.

“This is nothing to do with social deprivation but is part of a wider political agenda of attacking the police and undermining the Parades Commission. Those who brought people onto the streets both in Belfast and in North Down bear a heavy responsibility.

“This must have been a terrifying ordeal for the driver and passengers. It was clear that this and other hijackings were part of a plan to lure the police into petrol bomb attacks.

“I would offer my full support to the local police in upholding the rule of law. It is vital that those involved in the rioting, and in the hijacking of the bus and other vehicles, be brought to justice. There are those out there who know the identity of those engaged in violence. Many of those involved in trouble were children. Parents have a responsibility to keep their children from participating in street disorder.”

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