Only strategic transformation process can address health crisis, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said only a strategic transformation process can address the ongoing crisis in health here.

Ms Bradshaw was speaking after meeting with the South-Eastern Health and Social Care Trust today (Tuesday) as part of an Alliance delegation, which will be meeting all the trusts in the near future. It follows a series of meetings held by the trusts and attended by Alliance representatives to discuss a proposed £70 million in cuts.

“It is no exaggeration to state the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland is going through an unprecedented crisis, which only can be addressed through a transformation process that is strategically, financially and operationally planned, properly consulted upon, and is deliverable over a controlled period.

“Asking the health trusts to make in-year cuts to vital services is completely unfair for the patients, their families and those working right across the sector.

“Today Alliance met with the South-Eastern Health and Social Care Trust to discuss the cuts they are having to make, one of a series of meetings we will be having with the various trusts. It was yet another reminder of the need for a functioning Executive, with an accountable Health Minister all the more acute.

“With winter time not too far away, I sincerely hope these cuts will be reversed and the trusts are provided with adequate resourcing to allow them to function safely and effectively for the betterment of all patients.”

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