Armitage says racist graffiti not representative of wider community

Alliance East Belfast Councillor David Armitage has said racist graffiti daubed on walls in the area is not representative of the wider community.

The graffiti was written on walls in Dunraven Avenue and Glenbrook Avenue. Councillor Armitage said he had contacted Belfast City Council to get it removed urgently.

“East Belfast is becoming more diverse and multicultural, which is welcome. What is not welcome is this graffiti. It is appalling some people would still have such attitudes in the 21st Century,” he said.

“This summer has seen the best of Belfast showcased to a global audience through a number of major events. Graffiti like this and the thugs behind it have no place in our society – migrants are a valued part of our community, and should be respected and made to feel welcome.

“I know the vast majority of people who live in this area and further afield will be disgusted by this sickening graffiti. I hope we do not see any more and I would urge anyone with information on those who put it there to give it to police immediately.”

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