O’Neill to facilitate the presentation of homeless petition to Belfast City Council

Alliance Councillor Sian O’Neill is to facilitate the presentation of a petition to Belfast City Council calling for all the organisation’s unused buildings to be opened up to house homeless people.

East Belfast Councillor Ms O’Neill will welcome those bringing the petition – which has garnered over 16.000 signatures – tomorrow (Friday) as part of her longstanding support for homeless charity Amethyst Outreach. It comes in the week of the death of the fourth homeless person on the streets of Belfast.

“The recent deaths of four individuals on our streets show action must be taken on this issue and must be taken immediately,” she said.

“I commend Amethyst Outreach and other groups for the work they are doing, which I why I wanted to facilitate the presenting of their petition. Whilst opening the doors of disused buildings for homeless people is not a solution in itself, it can help as part of a multi-agency approach to this issue.

“This petition shows the heart and compassion people from Belfast are known for, and is a chance for us to help our fellow citizens in need.”

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