O’Neill shocked by brutal paramilitary attack

Alliance North Belfast representative, Jason O’Neill, has condemned those behind a paramilitary attack on a man in North Belfast at 22:00 on Thursday. Seven men, armed with baseball bats attacked the man, who sustained a number of broken bones.

Jason O’Neill said: “Paramilitaries have no place in our society. They just wish to bring fear and violence onto our streets when the vast majority of people wish to move forwards towards a shared future.

“This was a brutal and callous attack by a bunch of thugs. I hope that the victim in this attack will be able to make a swift recovery from the serious injuries he received.

“Those behind this attack must be urgently apprehended by the Police, so I would urge anybody with any information to contact the PSNI or Crimestoppers. It is only with the public’s help that the Police will be able to stop these horrific attacks.”


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