One test would ease chaos but testing at 11 must go altogether

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA said that talks which are to take place aimed at having a single selection test might help ease chaos but said that transfer testing at age 11 simply should be scrapped.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Children, parents and teachers are all in a difficult situation at present with more than one transfer test in operation. The creation of a single test as an interim measure would help ease this chaos.

“Alliance would however like to see transfer testing at age 11 stopped for good. We believe that decisions on future educational paths should be taken on the basis of choice and the information and advice that is readily available so that the right option can be taken.

“A long term solution to the 11-plus issue must be agreed by political parties and in the interim it is crucial that the transfer process is a simple as possible, ideally with a single interim test based on the curriculum. These talks may be a step towards making the system less complex but ideally we need to see an end to academic selection at 11.”


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