Cochrane welcomes Concordat but says test will be in implementation

Alliance Social Development Spokesperson Judith Cochrane MLA has welcomed the Concordat between the Community and Voluntary Sector and the Northern Ireland Government but said the real test will now be in how it is implemented.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “This is a very positive development which will hopefully enhance partnership between Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector to help in service provision and in co-ordination.

“It is however crucial that funding should be outcome focused. This is vital to make the most of money invested and to deliver clear results for the investment.

“I also welcome the fact that the Concordat includes a commitment that the Social Development Minister will present an annual report on its progress, both to the Executive and to the Assembly for debate. This will allow MLAs to scrutinise its function and progress and this is extremely important.

“Having an agreement like this is very positive but it is essential that measurable targets are set and can be examined to enable evaluation to deliver the best possible outcomes.”


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