OFMDFM are still running scared of cost of segregation report

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has launched a scathing attack on the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister and certain members of its Committee, accusing them of running scared from discussing the vitally important cost of segregation report. Her comments follow the Committee today refusing to allow the report to be discussed. The report, which was compiled by Deloitte, was sat on by OFMDFM for months and its findings were only made public thanks to an Alliance Party Freedom of Information request on 23 August this year.

Naomi Long MLA said: “Today’s decision in the OFMDFM Committee is evidence that Sinn Fein and the DUP are trying to suppress discussion of this report because they do not like its contents.

“There have been repeated attempts by the First and Deputy First Minister and their party colleagues to distance OFMDFM from the report; however, the facts are that the report was commissioned and paid for by OFMDFM. It is, therefore, entirely in order for the Committee to scrutinise the report and seek responses from the Department as to what action, if any, they intend to take regarding its contents.

“I find it almost unthinkable that as we move into the budget round, significant expenditure on the cost of division appears to go totally unscrutinised in the process.

“As a party, we will continue to keep the pressure on OFMDFM in the chamber to end division, regardless of attempts by others to frustrate proper and full consideration of this report in the Committee.”


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