Obel first step for Titanic Quarter: Neeson

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Séan Neeson has said that the start of the new “Obel” building in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter must also be the start of the development of an area of international importance.

Alderman Neeson, whose personal involvement secured the recent Government purchase of the SS Nomadic to assist the cultural heritage and tourism potential of the area, stated: “I welcome the start of the new 26-story building and, specifically, that the new block will be multi-purpose.

“My party’s vision for this whole quarter is a multi-use area which combines business, recreation and residential facilities. We want to ensure that this building is only the first step in the creation of a district of truly international standing.

“Let us put aside our usual cynicism and ensure that at the end of this we have an area which is a real centrepiece for visitors to the Greater Belfast area, tying in with attractions such as Carrickfergus Castle and the Antrim Coast Road to provide a real old-and-new experience.

“We have already seen such potential realized, at least to some extent, in the Laganside area, and we can go even better here.”


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