Councils need to back renewable energy: Lawther

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has said that Government money put aside to support development of renewable energy will need the full backing of Councils to be fully effective.

The Antrim South East representative stated: “Provided this money is used wisely and is not merely a continuation of the old grant system, this news has the potential to make Northern Ireland a lead player in the development of responsible energy policies.

“To achieve this, the backing of all Councils is needed. Public representatives cannot afford to send out mixed messages about renewable energy sources and general improvements to the environment around us.

“My colleagues Sean Neeson and Kieran McCarthy have already led local pressure to support renewable sources, not least the world-leading wind turbine in Strangford Lough. This is a responsible environmental policy — not penalizing people for going about their daily businesses, but instituting good practice in installing and using clean energy sources as part of daily life.

“We are close to having a strategy in place, supported by real Government investment. The Government is taking this seriously, the Alliance Party is taking it seriously, now it is up to others to follow suit.”


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