Now is the time for donor transparency, says Nicholl

Alliance will reiterate its call for details of major donors to local political parties to be made public with a motion at Belfast City Council tonight (Monday).

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has secured legislative change so names of single donors of over £7,500 to local parties will be published in line with UK law. It means whenever the Secretary of State lifts the exemption, any such donation made since January 2014 will be made public. However, that has not yet happened.

South Belfast Councillor Kate Nicholl said now was the time for full transparency.

“The public’s confidence in local politics is at an all-time low, which is quite the feat, considering some of the scandals which have mired it previously. One of the major problems is people do not know who is funding our political parties and potentially influencing decision-making,” she said.

“Alliance voluntarily publishes our large donor information and we believe other parties should follow our example. Now, more than ever, is the time for full transparency – we once again have disturbing allegations of corruption but other parties continue to give excuses as to why they will not publish their information.

“It is imperative the Secretary of state removes the exemption immediately and donor information is published, so the public’s questions can be answered and confidence can be restored in our political system.”

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