New noise controls at airport must be adhered to, says Armstrong

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Kellie Armstrong MLA has said new noise controls at Belfast City Airport must be adhered to, after it was announced a restriction on the number of departure seats sold there is due to be lifted.

The decision, which follows a public inquiry, will mean the two million seats cap will go, with new noise controls installed.

“The cap has always been a poor proxy for stringent noise controls, so this decision is welcome,” said Ms Armstrong.

“However, we must ensure the new planned noise controls are adhered to, as residents have genuine concerns about the levels.

“Belfast City Airport is one of our most valuable transport assets, particularly for business. However, the airport and its flight path are surrounded by a dense environment of homes throughout East Belfast, South Belfast and North Down.

“There must be a balance struck between the recognition of the airport as one of the key economic drivers of Belfast’s development, and the rights of residents to be protected from excessive noise and other disturbance due to its operations.”

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