Northern Ireland has other waiting list problem, says Ford

Northern Ireland has a massive waiting list that has seen progress in a number of areas stalled, Alliance Leader David Ford has said.

Areas such as health reform, dealing with the past and equality have been left to flounder thanks to the other Executive parties’ unwillingness and inability to deal with pressing issues, South Antrim Assembly candidate Mr Ford added.

“This is a list of shame for the other parties – from the lack of a sexual orientation strategy to no agreement on the flying of flags or parading, it marks failure on their behalf to progress even the most basic of issues for the people of Northern Ireland.

“Alliance has led the way on these matters, voluntarily publishing our donors while also bringing a motion seeking to reduce the number of MLAs immediately. However, others have not followed our example.

“People want delivery from their politicians, not delay with a side order of fudge. If the public wants to see progress in this area, electing Alliance MLAs on May 5 can help them get to better, sooner.”

Health reform – 225 weeks. (Transforming your Care published December 2011)

Sexual Orientation Strategy – 486 weeks (Last strategy expired in 2006)

Institutions to deal with the past – 378 weeks. (Eames-Bradley Report published January 2009)

Single Equality Bill – 106 weeks. (Equivalent UK legislation began April 2010).

Adoption Bill – 486 weeks. (In development since 2006)

NI Climate Change Bill – 386 weeks. (Equivalent UK legislation began November 2008)

Agreement on the flying of flags – 120 weeks. (Commission established by Haass in December 2013)

Agreement on parading – 120 weeks. (Process established by Stormont House Agreement, December 2014)

Hunting Ban – 583 weeks. (Commencement of the ban in England and Wales, February 2005)

Equal Marriage – 110 weeks. (Since the act came into force in England and Wales in March 2014)

Voluntarily publication of large donors – 207 weeks (Although Alliance already does.)

Reduction in the number of MLAs – other parties voted against Alliance’s proposal to do so from this year’s Assembly election.

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