Lunn says inaction means new Health Minister’s inbox already piling up

Alliance Lagan Valley Assembly candidate Trevor Lunn has said the inbox of the new Health Minister is already piling up thanks to Simon Hamilton’s avoiding of difficult decisions.

Mr Lunn said the current situation around junior doctors in Northern Ireland was unacceptable, as they had been left not knowing if the Minister would impose controversial new contracts which had led to industrial action in England.

“The current DUP Health Minister has refused to make a decision, preferring to leave it until after the election for his successor. This inaction is seriously impacting on morale amongst the junior doctors and has the potential to lead to some leaving Northern Ireland.

“In addition, last year the Minister set up a working group to look at how patients can be better served by GPs. Its report was published in March but has been sitting on a shelf in the Minister’s office with no decisions taken.

“The incoming Health Minister will have some urgent decisions to take as soon as they step into office.”

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