Norris says Basil McCrea is yet to demonstrate that NI21 has any clear vision for the future

Alliance Councillor Gavin Norris has said that despite much rhetoric, NI21 have yet to demonstrate any clear vision for the future.

Cllr Gavin Norris said: “Despite much rhetoric, NI21 seem to have very little substance. They have yet to demonstrate any clear vision for the future.

“Young people want real alternatives to the tribal politics of the past. This cannot be delivered by a party of breakaway unionists. Forming another unionist party is not part of a solution, but a continuation of the old politics of unionism versus nationalism.

“Alliance has been campaigning for a different type of politics in Northern Ireland for over 40 years. Throughout that time we have worked with clearly defined goals and objectives.

“The public knows what Alliance stands for. We have shown that we will work at all levels in Northern Irish politics to improve community relations – whether it is the Minister of Justice, David Ford, the Minister for Employment and Learning, Stephen Farry, Naomi Long in Westminster, our Assembly team of 8 MLAs or our 43 Councillors. The public know that we will work on behalf of everybody in our society instead of just one section.

“Alliance is the only credible alternative for those opposed to the tribal politics of unionism and nationalism.”


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