Dickson and Norris welcome Water Treatment Works Improvements

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, and Carrickfergus Councillor, Gavin Norris, have welcomed improvements made to Carrickfergus Waste Water Treatment Works.

Leylandii hedging has been planted at the facility and last week, Northern Ireland Water installed covers on the waste water tanks.

Mr Dickson said: “The improvements came after a sustained campaign by myself and Councillor Norris following concerns expressed by residents living in the area.

“Residents highlighted the unpleasant odour and the negative visual impact of the tanks and were keen for something to be done.

“Councillor Norris and I met with residents and officials from Northern Ireland Water who were very cooperative and helpful.

“These improvements should now reduce the odour and visual impact problems, particularly when the Leylandii grow further.”

Councillor Norris said that the latest improvements followed earlier works that the local Alliance Team had been campaigning for since late 2012:

“We were delighted late last year when Northern Ireland Water officials met with us and subsequently acted to remove a huge quantity of rubbish that had gathered in the large open concrete gulley which drains into the sea opposite the entrance to the site. They also tidied up the greenery under their control and removed damaged signage, improving the overall appearance of the area.

“We thank residents for highlighting these issues and for their cooperation during our campaign.

“We will constantly monitor the area and ask that residents continue to provide us with information, should there be any other problems.”


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