No group has monopoly on victims – Bell

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has called on

all groups to ensure that there can be no monopoly on

suffering, and no association of victims rights with

any specific religious tradition.

Speaking after a meeting with justice sector

officials, the North Down MLA stated: ‘It is the

height of irresponsibility to associate victims’

rights and victim support with any specific religious

or political affiliation. Whatever Nationalists have

claimed in the past, and whatever Loyalists were

claiming this very week, there is no monopoly on


‘The hypocrisy of many people who have yet to accept

their responsibility in causing the conflict then

claiming that they represent the victims is truly

staggering. Any genuine settlement will be based on

the fundamental acceptance that people from right

across Northern Ireland, and beyond, suffered as a

result of a totally unnecessary conflict which solved


‘The vast majority of those who have grieved for loved

ones, and those who were injured during the conflict,

do not see their quest for rights and support as

anything to do with religious and party politics. It

is to do with basic human decency. It is time we all

remembered that.’


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