Nicholl: Council will push for greater transparency on donations

Alliance Councillor Kate Nicholl called on Belfast City Council to continue to push the Secretary of State for full transparency around the issue of donations.

Speaking at the latest Belfast City Council meeting, Councillor Nicholl said James Brokenshire has ‘missed a key opportunity’ after he fudged the issue of donations by refusing to backdate them to January 2014.

“This was his opportunity to show he was serious about promoting openness and transparency in Northern Ireland, to bring so called dark money out into the light, but instead he has opted to give cover to those who wish their donors to remain a secret. It is simply not good enough,” she said.

“Belfast City Council has previously backed Alliance motions calling for donations to be backdated to January 2014 and I want to see this go forward again. Signaling that we are not prepared to stand back and allow this to continue, but recognise that everyone in Northern Ireland has the right to know who funds each political party.

“This decision today has left Northern Ireland driftless on transparency, but it does not have to be that way. The Alliance Party and the Green Party already voluntarily publish donations. I would urge others to join us, after all no party should be afraid to reveal how it is funded.”

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