McDonough Brown outlines plans for dog-friendly Belfast

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown outlined his plans for a dog-friendly Belfast, at the latest Belfast City Council meeting on Monday night, July 3.

With his loyal companion Seb watching at home, Emmet asked Councillors to back his vision, which would see an opt-in badge scheme rolled out, indicating which premises in Belfast are dog-friendly.

He said: “To many of us, our dogs are very dear friends. Since I became a dog owner last year, my eyes have been opened to the community that exists and the benefits afforded to all those who own a dog. Clearly, there are physical benefits to a more active lifestyle but there are improvements to mental wellbeing too.

“Dog owners are active in their community and I want to encourage businesses and others to welcome dogs (and their owners!) into their premises. I want to build on this daily interaction and make Belfast a city which is truly dog-friendly.

“I’m delighted the plans have the backing of Hospitality Ulster and I look forward to hearing exactly what the people of Belfast think on this issue. Dogs bring companionship, comfort and joy to many, let’s make it easier for owners to enjoy everything Belfast has to offer.”

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