NI missing chance to have its voice heard on Brexit, says Dickson

Northern Ireland is missing key opportunities to have its voice heard on Brexit, Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said, after MPs backed the EU Withdrawal Bill on Monday night.

“This process could see legislative consent motions passed in the devolved Scottish and Welsh Parliaments,” he said, adding: “We would be hopeful the Assembly would be in a position to do something similar, but with no Executive in place we have effectively allowed local accountability to be removed in the face of the biggest challenge facing this region in decades.”

“With the exception of Lady Hermon, Northern Ireland’s MPs either support the Government on Brexit or refuse to turn up to Parliament to vote against it. That goes against the wishes of the majority of voters in Northern Ireland, who voted to remain within the EU.

“Despite Sammy Wilson MP refer to this as a ‘building block’ for our future; I would say it’s no more than a wrecking ball which will have serious ramifications for Northern Ireland. I am disappointed in the result, with the need to get an Executive up and running an immediate priority.”

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