Alliance condemns incinerator decision

Alliance MLA David Ford has described the Department for Infrastructure’s decision to go ahead with plans for an Arc 21 Waste Incinerator at Mallusk as ‘frustrating and disappointing’ for all who campaigned to stop it.

The MLA for South Antrim was speaking after the controversial incinerator was given the go-ahead, despite at least 4,000 objections from local people.

“Alliance has said from the start that while the technology may be acceptable, the location is unacceptable, given the concerns expressed by local people and public representatives,” said David Ford.

“The location, in a rural site but requiring heavy lorries to travel through suburban housing with an already inadequate road structure, is totally unsuitable, making this decision frustrating and disappointing for all those who worked hard to stop the plans getting the final go-ahead. An industrial area, where use could be made of the heat generated as well as the electricity would have been much more suitable and would question how the Boghill site will be able to sustain such a venture.

“By securing energy from waste, this incinerator may well have some environmental benefits overall, but this should never come at the expense of the safety of residents and other road users in the Mallusk area.

“This is a decision that should have been taken by a Minister, not by civil servants. We are witnessing another direct impact of the lack of a functioning Government in Northern Ireland. We must secure the institutions giving the people back their voice on issues that matter to them.”

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