New transfer test must be temporary and set by CCEA

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said he is glad that grammar schools are examining a standard test but he said that test must be temporary and set by CCEA. His comments come following a meeting between the Post-Primary Transfer Consortium and the Association for Quality Education last night in Belfast.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I hope that these groups will follow the four-party transfer talks recommendation that a test set by CCEA should be used on a temporary basis.

“A group of highly experienced educators is currently meeting and discussing the same topics in parallel with the party talks group. They have also come up with the clear recommendation that a temporary CCEA test is the best way forward for up to the next three years.

“This would be a positive step forward and would provide space to enable a solution to be found to end the current impasse. I would also implore the Minister Caitríona Ruane to listen to the public mood and temper her dogmatic attitude with a measure of common sense.”

Commenting on Peter Robinson’s comments yesterday on selection Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Representatives from Peter Robinson’s party sit on our party talks group and they approved the recommendation of a temporary CCEA test. A feature of our discussions so far has been the ability of participants to keep an open mind and not just restate entrenched positions. We will continue our deliberations for as long as it takes but the timescale for CCEA to commission a test this year is now very tight.”


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