New Lisnaskea College plan might work if it was integrated

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn said that plans for one college for 4- 14 year olds being created in Lisnaskea, would offer a positive option were the 11+ to be scrapped, if the plan included Catholic schools.

The Lagan Valley MLA stated: “The age 4 to 14 college in Lisnaskea itself would seem a very sensible option if it were implemented on a fully-integrated basis. It might deliver a good solution to the question of how to proceed if and when the 11+ is scrapped.

“Unfortunately the Fermanagh plan will not deliver more integrated education, because Catholic schools are not included in it.

“It is time for a more visionary, more ambitious plan for our schools. Currently over £1 billion is wasted every year on segregation. A large proportion of this wasted cash comes in the education sector, and a more integrated approach to schools would tackle this problem.”


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