Lo follows in footsteps of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jack Straw by gaining top accolade

Lord Michael Heseltine has awarded Alliance MLA Anna Lo the prestigious accolade of inviting her to become a member of an exclusive international group, thanks to her ‘outstanding contribution’ to relations between the UK and China. The prestigious event which took place in London’s Chinese Embassy last week means that Anna Lo has become a fellow of the internationally-renowned 48 Group Club.

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo said: “I am very proud to have been given this prestigious accolade. You only have to look at the list of members to see what a high-profile and influential group this is.

“I want to use my membership of the group to help attract more investment from China to Northern Ireland. China is such a massive economy, and a stronger relationship with it can only bring positive benefits. Northern Ireland simply must create more high value jobs in the private sector and better relations can only benefit everyone involved.

“Developing our export market to China in another important area I want to make an impact on too.

“Being invited to join this group also helps promote the new Northern Ireland on the world stage. We are a vibrant and exciting region, and reaching out across the world will make Northern Ireland stronger.”

Stephen Perry chair of the 48 Group Club said: “The 48 Group Club are the original icebreakers in relations with China, going back 55 years. Northern Ireland in the new era must focus on opportunities abroad in trade and invest and China must surely be high on its list of priority.

“The 48 group club would commend the brave and pioneering role of Anna Lo in developing a voice for people of Chinese origin in Northern Ireland and her commitment to representing everyone in Northern Ireland on the global stage.”


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