New Assembly can put Northern Ireland at the top of the green league too

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Alan Lawther has stated that the new Assembly has a golden opportunity to put Northern Ireland at the top of the environmental league table. He stated that with extra funding and new legislation we can lead the way in renewable energy systems.

The Antrim Councillor said: “The new Assembly gives Northern Ireland a golden opportunity to go to the top of the world league on green issues.

“Our football team is already it the top of its qualification table. This is a trend that we wish to continue in other spheres also. There is no reason why we cannot lead the way in renewable energy systems.

“Last year, the government introduced a scheme to help homeowners install green energy systems in their houses. This grants scheme must be extended and the Assembly should implement legislation to ensure that all new-build houses are fitted with these energy systems.

“Local people are enthusiastic about renewable and we must assist them in going green by creating legislation and investing in this area.”

“Although the uptake of the government’s renewables initiative has been high, the current grants are difficult to apply for. The Assembly should seek to enact legislation to cut red tape in the application process. Local people should be given more encouragement, instead of being put off the scheme because of the hefty bureaucracy involved.”


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