Alliance Leader’s bid to tackle crisis facing local doctors

Alliance Leader David Ford has expressed grave concerns that the new training scheme for junior doctors is damaging the career prospects of many of them and is dangerous for the future of patient care.

David Ford said: “I attended last night’s meeting of junior doctors in the City Hospital, already aware of the difficulties that many doctors are facing in obtaining suitable jobs for August. What I discovered at that meeting is that the situation across the UK can at best be described as a disaster.

“I encouraged the doctors to arrange a meeting in the Assembly to inform all MLAs of the current problems, and to be prepared to lobby the incoming Health Minister.

“I am investigating whether it is possible for Northern Ireland to opt out of the new national scheme. We cannot afford to see 400 doctors made redundant at the beginning of August.

“Natural justice for local doctors and concern for the care of our constituents demands that we reject this new scheme.”


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