Neeson welcomes green energy targets but says we need Green New Deal

Alliance Energy Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has welcomed a new strategy which has set a target that 40% of electricity should come from alternative sources by 2020 but he said it’s vitally important that a Green New Deal is implemented here. Targets have been set out in the Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland 2010 document.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “While I welcome these targets we need to be even more ambitious. We need to see the creation of a Green New Deal for Northern Ireland.

“We have excellent natural resources in terms of wind and tides, and I believe that placing more emphasis on the green economy would help is create many jobs as well as help increase the production of renewable energy.

“While I welcome the growth in wind power, other methods of creating energy from renewable sources must also have the full commitment of government.

“A Green New Deal would allow us to create construction jobs through a massive home insulation scheme which would also help us conserve energy.

“A Green New Deal would also provide a catalyst for research and development in renewable energy systems. The opportunities are there for us to become a leader in this sector but it’s up to government to deliver a strategy to enable Northern Ireland to do this.”


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