Neeson Welcome for Clinton Visit

Alliance Party Leader, Sean Neeson, has welcomed the announcement of a further visit to Northern Ireland by President Clinton and outlined what he believes this visit can achieve.

Sean Neeson said:

“President Clinton is a good friend of the peace process. This news of this visit should hopefully give a major boost to efforts to preserve a flagging peace process.”

“The President can play an important role in giving people renewed faith in the Good Friday Agreement, and give them confidence that they are doing the right thing, with the international community behind them.”

“In particular, he can encourage the broad centre ground to show a greater to unity of purpose and energise those voters who have turned away from politics leaving the debate to the extremes on both sides.”

“Specific pressure can be brought to bear for greater progress on decommissioning, and for a calmer and more measured response to the Policing Bill.”


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