More Than Words Needed on ‘Punishment Attacks’ -Alliance

Alliance Justice and Human Rights Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has welcomed the publication of the Report on ‘Informal Criminal Justice Systems’ by University of Ulster academics for highlighting a serious issue and has agreed that greater action from the Government is required.

Stephen Farry said:

“This report is a timely reminder of an ongoing scourge in our society to which a blind-eye is too often turned.”

“So-called ‘punishment attacks’ are utterly illegitimate. Those conducting them act as ‘judge, jury and executioneer’ and show no regard for international human rights standards.”

“While the Government have consistently condemned such actions, the number of prosecutions and convictions of those involved in such activities is pitifully low, if not negligible.”

“Tougher action is required against those who break the law. There cannot be an acceptable level of violence. Upholding of the rule of law is fundamental to building a society grounded in democracy and human rights.”


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