Neeson wants fastest finger first for Assembly voting

Alliance MLA Séan Neeson, has tabled plans to bring the voting system within the Assembly into the 21st century. He has called for electronic voting to be used instead of the current system of time-consuming division-style manual voting.

The East Antrim Assembly Member said: “Electronic voting in the chamber would allow the Assembly to deal with more work and would be far more efficient that the current approach.

“I have tabled a proposal to the Procedures Committee to have an electronic voting system installed as soon as possible.

“The old-style manual division voting which is currently used is very time consuming and we must do everything we can to make Assembly business more efficient.

“I am sure that many people would like to see the current Assembly and many of its inhabitants dragged into the 21st century. At least my proposal will update the technology, if not the personnel.

“I hope that the Assembly will fully examine this proposal and implement it as soon as possible.

“My proposals are to bring us in line with the voting system that is used in Scottish Parliament.

“If we had an electronic voting system, we would be able to get through more vital Assembly business each day. The opportunities that this new system would provide to tackle more issues in the chamber would be very welcome. We need to examine radical new ways to make the Assembly more effective and help boost democracy in action.”


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