Neeson to Address Liberal Democrats Fringe

Alliance Party leader Sean Neeson will tonight address the fringe meeting of the Liberal Democrats Conference – Bournemouth to introduce the ‘Centre Forward’ document which Alliance launched last week and to give an update on current events in Northern Ireland.

Sean Neeson will say:-

“The main argument that we are presenting to the Liberal Democrats conference is that despite all the progress that has been made on the Agreement there are continued divisions within Northern Ireland society which could greatly undermine the Agreement unless these are properly addressed.”

This is the purpose of the ‘Centre Forward’ document that Alliance launched last week. This provides an ambitious agenda as to how a shared non sectarian society and a more united community can be forged in Northern Ireland and how we can counter what could become an apartheid society of separate communities.

Alliance has identified a range of measures including the promotion of more integrated and shared facilities, an ending to the institutionalisation of the two communities approach in public policy and greater efforts to counter sectarianism and other forms of intolerance.

These are the aims and objectives that we have in common with our friends in the Liberal Democrats and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve these.


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