Ford claims first for election campaign

David Ford, Alliance candidate for the South Antrim By election, has claimed that his use of the World Wide Web is a first for an election campaign in Northern Ireland.

David Ford said

” For some months I have had my own personal website, which gives info about my work in the Assembly, the Council and on the ground in South Antrim.”

” Anyone in the world can access the site at I have received some responses from constituents who welcome the availability of this info.”

” I have now arranged to add information about the election to the website. My full personal manifesto, as well as an electronic version of my election address, are being put in place.”

“For years I have campaigned for openness in government. I am asking a question in the Assembly next week on the promotion of electronic communication by the Executive. I was the instigator of the Antrim Council Website.”

” I am pleased to be able to use this new medium to put my case before the people of South Antrim. I have no doubt that in a few years time every candidate will use the web.”

“Once again, Alliance is blazing a trail for others to follow.”


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