Neeson says we will continue battle for tax varying powers to re-balance economy

Alliance Economy Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has claimed that the Executive’s current plans for the economy will not prove successful as they will not re-balance the economy and bring tax-varying powers to Northern Ireland

The East Antrim MLA said: “We will continue the battle for our Assembly to have tax varying powers. Gaining this power will help us make the changes needed to strengthen and rebalance our economy. The Executive does not have the vision to push for these powers but we will continue do our best to move Northern Ireland forward.

“This administration has published second rate plans that will give the people of Northern Ireland a second rate future. This is unacceptable. Local people can see through the Chuckle Brothers routine, right to the heart of Executive and can see that it will not deliver the changes necessary to boost the business sector.

“It was wrong for the Executive to pin almost all their hopes on the Varney Review on corporation tax. We need a wider and more coherent approach which incorporates a cocktail of measures to invigorate the economy.

“The Finance Minister has not supplied a good business Budget, all he gave us is a quick fix, which will do little for business and vital public services in the long term.”


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