Neeson says Visteon job losses are devastating

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Séan Neeson MLA has expressed shock at news that around 200 jobs are being lost at the Visteon car parts plant in West Belfast.

Séan Neeson MLA stated: “The loss of these jobs is devastating.

“The jobs being lost are well paid, skilled posts. They are the type of jobs we need to be creating here, not losing.

“With redundancies being announced at Nortel on Monday, this week is an extremely difficult one for the local economy. One of the biggest issues facing politicians in Northern Ireland at this time is safeguarding employment during the downturn.

“The Stormont Executive has not been successful in meeting this challenge. The public have seen little sign that they have the vision to lead Northern Ireland through this tough time for our economy. Where is the sustainable approach that Northern Ireland needs? Where are the plans to boost the construction sector and improve our infrastructure?”


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