Neeson says Murphy is ‘passing the buck’ on Glenarm

East Antrim Alliance MLA Seán Neeson has accused Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy of passing the buck in relation to water issues in Glenarm.

Séan Neeson MLA stated: “I wrote to the Minister several weeks ago to ask him about the moratorium on housing developments in Glenarm because of the lack of sewage facilities in the area. I did this in response to concerns by local residents about a planning application which had been lodged in the village. Regrettably, the Minister passed the buck and transferred my query to the Environment Minister Sammy Wilson, and I am very disappointed with the reply I have received.”

“The planning application was the subject of an office planning meeting in Larne Council recently but I am very concerned that the Department of Regional Development has made a major u-turn on the moratorium.”


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