Jones shocked at East Belfast assault

Local Alliance Councillor Mervyn Jones has expressed disgust at thugs who attacked two people carrying out a traffic survey in East Belfast in the early hours of this morning. The incident took place on the Garnerville Road around 2.45am, where one of the men was hurt, and cash and a car key were stolen.

Cllr Mervyn Jones said: “This assault was despicable. It is a disgrace to think that people conducting work can be subject to a traumatic experience like this.

“The fact that one of the assailants was carrying a saw illustrates the sickening mindset of these thugs.

“People should be able to walk anywhere at any time without fear of assault and attack.

“I would appeal to witnesses and anyone driving through the area at the time to contact local police so that the culprits can be apprehended quickly.”


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