Neeson quizzes First Minister to push for end to 50% remission

East Antrim Alliance MLA Seán Neeson yesterday quizzed the First Minister Ian Paisley in the Assembly to press for the end of 50% remission for prisoners. He stated that there is massive concern locally about the early release of violent criminals.

Commenting on the issue today, the East Antrim MLA said: “There is widespread concern and alarm throughout the whole community in Northern Ireland about automatic 50% remission.

“I am annoyed that local people are having to wait so long to be given the protection they deserve against violent criminals. Why has it taken the Secretary of State so long to implement these important and much-needed changes?

“Changes to legislation should be introduced sooner rather than later, particularly where violent crime is concerned.

“I believe that any new legislation should apply to those who are currently serving sentences, to ensure that no violent criminals currently in prison get 50% remission.”


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