Neeson criticises move to close A and E units

Alliance East Antrim MLA Sean Neeson has criticised the move to close A and E units at Whiteabbey and Mid Ulster hospitals within the next two weeks. Several other units will be moved from Whiteabbey to Antrim hospital

Sean Neeson said: “I am extremely concerned at these proposals. I have been campaigning for years to protect services at Whiteabbey and I will oppose these cuts.

“The local community in East Antrim will be angry that their local hospital provision will be downgraded. Antrim Hospital is already at capacity so there will be problems if people from East Antrim will be asked to travel the greater distance to it. Antrim hospital already suffers from very poor transport links and it is not is the best location.

“A report from 2007 actually showed that patient’s lives were being put at risk by being asked to travel further to hospital, so I would urge the Health Minister to reconsider this decision.”


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