Neeson calls for action to support construction sector

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Sean Neeson MLA has called on the Executive to offer support to the construction sector following a report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors that showed Northern Ireland’s construction sector as contracting more than any other region in the UK.

Sean Neeson MLA: “Our construction sector has being hit badly over the past couple of years by the economic downturn. While other sectors are beginning to find their feet again, the construction sector is still not being sufficiently supported by the Executive to help it recover.

“The Executive could give it a major boost by investing in a Green New Economy to create work for the construction sector, such as a home insulation scheme. This would also help the environment as well as cutting down people’s fuel bills.

“With the Conservatives now in power in Westminster, that has providing the looming threat of cuts, many Departments are unwilling to commit to large capital spends which is further damaging the construction sector. But it will only be through the investment in initiatives like the Green New Economy that also have environment benefits and that pay for themselves, which will truly get the construction sector back on its feet.”


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