Neeson backs petition for inquiry into death of Royal Irish Ranger Cyril Smith

Alliance Party East Antrim MLA, Séan Neeson, has given his support to a campaign which will tomorrow submit a petition demanding a public enquiry into the murder of Royal Irish Ranger Cyril Smith. Séan Neeson arranged the handing over of the petition, which will take place tomorrow at 11am at Stormont Castle. His parents will submit the petition to officials from Peter Hain’s Office. Ranger Smith, who was from Carrickfergus, was killed by a bomb at the border while trying to save lives on 24th October 1990.

Séan Neeson said: “I give my full support to the campaign to establish an inquiry into the death of Ranger Smith.

“It is just and proper that there should be a full and searching inquiry into the death of Cyril Smith in order to help the family find out the truth.

“It has been suggested that his life was lost while the security forces had been trying to protect the identity of an informer within the Provisional IRA.

“I hope to be joined at the handing over of the petition by all of the other Assembly Members from East Antrim.”


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