Neeson backs Belfast Telegraph drive to prioritise job creation

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has backed the Belfast Telegraph campaign to get the Stormont Executive to make creating jobs its number one priority.

East Antrim MLA Seán Neeson stated: “The Stormont Executive needs to focus its energy on tackling the effects of the downturn.

“I welcome the Belfast Telegraph’s drive to get the Executive parties to stop their petty game-playing and prioritise job creation. Many people are facing ruin and news of job losses is becoming an everyday occurrence – Northern Ireland needs action now.

“We need to see a stronger strategy on promoting entrepreneurship, particularly focusing more on school leavers than simply graduates.

” Northern Ireland is facing massive economic challenges and it’s incumbent on all politicians to work together during this difficult time. Point scoring often appears to be the thing that some politicians are best at, but it’s now the duty of all Assembly Members to put their differences aside for the good of Northern Ireland .”


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