Naomi Long to run in East Belfast Westminster election

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has been selected to stand in East Belfast in the forthcoming Westminster election. Party Leader David Ford said that people in East Belfast have the best chance in a generation to provide a strong, non-tribal voice for Northern Ireland at Westminster.

Naomi Long said: “It is a real honour to be chosen to stand for Alliance in East Belfast for this election. The Party has a very proud tradition in the area and people know that we consistently work hard for people right across the constituency.

“I want to represent the area in which I have lived all my life at Westminster and have the opportunity to put forward a positive voice for East Belfast in Parliament, and to be a strong and dedicated advocate for the needs of my constituents.

Alliance Leader David Ford said: “Naomi has demonstrated real dynamism during her time as Lord Mayor of Belfast and she has an excellent reputation as a hard worker for everyone in her constituency.

“People in East Belfast have the best chance in a generation to send someone from here to Westminster who puts real issues first and is battling those who prioritise tribal matters. They have the chance to elect someone that will show Northern Ireland in a new light on the Westminster stage.

“Naomi beat Reg Empey in the last Assembly election and it’s interesting that he has chosen not to stand against her this time around. Naomi provides people with a real and strong alternative to tribal politics and is a formidable advocate for everyone in East Belfast.”


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