Lo fear that Budget indecision could cost voluntary sector jobs

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has expressed deep concern that Stormont Executive indecision over the Northern Ireland budget means that funding for a number of important voluntary sector projects could end. She warned that many organisations could be affected and people are very worried that they could lose their jobs.

Anna Lo MLA said: “A number of voluntary organisations are facing a funding crisis because of the lack of agreement within the Stormont Executive over the budget. It would be a total disgrace that through indecision many excellent projects could go to the wall.

“This kind of governmental failure would never be tolerated in any other democracy so I cannot understand why anyone has allowed this situation to come about here.

“People do not know whether they will have funding for the next year and this is a massive cause for concern in terms of the work organisations carry out and the staff they employ.

“A lot of organisations are fearful of collapse and many staff have been put on protective notice.

“These staff deliver essential services and we cannot afford to put any of these roles in jeopardy. We need action from the Executive now. An election is coming up and any party that thinks they can stand by and let this happen will be in for a massive shock.”


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